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With ‘Slips trips and falls’ being our workplace’s most common cause of accidents, the PCBU’s ‘elimination answer’ is Colourgrip® – your most effective and long-lasting anti-slip and anti-skid safety solution available in the country. Our oldest road junction sites in Auckland are more than 8 years’ old and still in perfect condition, which is not a common thing!

Auckland-based Colourgrip Surfacing Ltd. has been specialising in reducing major traffic accidents, fork hoist dangers, and bright grippy-under-foot walkways for councils, companies and residents since 2011.

We pride ourselves in having the BEST VALUE solution for our Clients, through British Motorway certification for Colourgrip® materials plus an exceptionally high standard of workmanship through years of experience, in a most specialised field.

From initial site inspection to on-going safety-improvement advice (for free), we create the perfect solution to eradicate your hazards, providing peace of mind, without the need to address the issue again, enabling you to focus on other important tasks.

Colourgrip® provides unrivalled performance, durability and longevity, equating to exceptional value for your investment and ongoing peace of mind for your health & safety compliance. Guaranteed.

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