Testimonials for Colourgrip® Safety Surfacing

The below Managers are also verbal referees and their contact details can be made available upon request

Kiwifruit company, Rural Waikato 5.2.14 (Laid 1.3.13)

For about 4 years leading up to 2013 we have had many issues with the entrances to two of our Controlled atmosphere (C.A.) coolstore rooms. The concrete slowly broke up in patches. This created a very uneven surface and a lot of remedial work was attempted.
We started looking at repairing the floor firstly by replacing the concrete floor. We then got in touch with Colourgrip Surfacing to look at using their special resin to fill and smooth out the concrete floor. Then an anti-skid topcoat using special aggregate. The product they installed has been in for nearly a year now and the results have been brilliant! The resin used levelled over 24m² in each room. This allowed us to complete our work in those areas in a third of the time that we were able to over the previous 5 years. The non-slip surface has added a huge amount of safety to the entrances and they are high traffic zones. Our forklift drivers have commented on the increased grip, which allows them to slow faster! It has been great for our Customers.
We definitely recommend this product and service to other companies ,

Sean, Senior Manager

Manufacturing and warehousing company, WAIKATO 2.4.14 (Laid 19.1.13)

Our company has had issues with fork hoists tracking water and dirt into our facility from outside in the yard. Over a year ago now we made the decision to get Colourgrip flooring on one of our warehouse entranceways and we have noticed a significant reduction with this issue. The product is very easy to clean and makes the facility look more presentable to customers and auditors. Colourgrip Surfacing Ltd. Was very professional in their workmanship and gave us a great final product that I would recommend to anyone.

Andrew, Senior Manager

Roading Consultancy (to city councils) BAY OF PLENTY June 2012 (Laid June 2012)

From my quick inspection last week and your photos I am happy with the finished result. The client is happy with the colour, and the finish is neat & tidy.

Geoff, Contracts Manager

Architect (to the consultant) CANTERBURY July 2012 (Laid Nov. 2012)

In regards to the coloured surfacing to the raised pedestrian bump we are proposing the Colourgrip aggregate system in lieu of a ‘painted’ system as there is no compliant non-slip information with the NZ Building Code. Please see attached for Colourgrip………………

Eric, Senior Architect

Consultant to the main contractor
In lieu of the lack of information in regards to compliance with the NZBC for slip resistance of highway skid paint, please see attached alternative product for the raised pedestrian bump. The Colourgrip surfacing is made up of hardwearing resin and coloured aggregate hence gives a good long
term solution and meets the slip resistance required under the NZBC. This product can be installed at temperatures as low as 5 degrees.

Russell, Senior Manager