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High-Friction Calcined Bauxite Anti-Skid (to NZTA P25 Spec.) and Coloured Safety Surfacing (to NZTA P33 Spec.)

If you’re a roading engineer looking for the ultimate performing, most effective and longest lasting coloured safety surfacing system available, then Colourgrip®’s your answer.

Colourgrip Surfacing Ltd. was established in Auckland in October 2011. The material components in the Colourgrip® System have been leading the way in high-friction anti-skid and coloured safety surfacing technology since the mid 1990’s in the United Kingdom. Similary our technical and contractual experience spans over some 22 years, across the U.K., Poland, and New Zealand, working with many different asphalt types and atmospheric conditions.

Today,  Colourgrip Surfacing Ltd. is spearheaded by Mr. Simon Fletcher, who works closely with roading engineers, right across the country, here in New Zealand. Discussions are always focused on how to best address our accident toll, through the strategic placement of high-friction anti-skid surfacing using the best processed calcined bauxite aggregate the company can source, worldwide.

For many years now roading engineers around the globe have been needing help getting access to a robust surfacing system, installed by experienced specialist contracting companies. This would ensure that the surfacing was going to withstand the test of time, and perform beyond their expectations. In many instances, the Colourgrip® System was their answer.

As a company who takes seriously its own obligation to provide accurate and beneficial advice to our roading engineers, we strongly believe, as we always have since the mid 1990s, that the key to ensuring Performance, Long Life and Value with high-friction anti-skid and coloured safety surfacing is to address and deliver on five critical components. These are;

  1. the condition of the underlying asphalt
  2. the prep work
  3. the resin binder
  4. the aggregate
  5. the contracting experience of the installer you’re commissioning.

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With you, the Client providing No. 1 (above) the installing contractor should have an abundance of international experience and extreme quality materials to provide the other four key components.

Colourgrip®’s unique binder is a special polymer-blended resin. This was the first of it type to be accredited with ‘Type 1’ British Board of Agrément (BBA) internationally-recognised certification, in 1999 – a highly rigorous testing and on-going in-situ monitoring regime established and implemented by the U.K. Highways Agency to ensure that the materials used were of the highest quality. Also the contractors installing them were reputable and followed a consistent bullet-proof installation methodology.

Specified by the NZTA, the BBA certification assures your Colourgrip® surfacing  will withstand the constant pounding and braking of up to 3,500 trucks over it, per lane per day, without wearing down or losing skid resistance. Additionally, on-going optimum performance is expected throughout its design life of  5-10 years.

So, the Colourgrip® Coloured Safety Surfacing System will meet your number one need of being able to significantly reduce collisions and subsequent accident statistics. If this is what you are looking for then you’ve come to the right place.

Since we live and breath these five key elements, what you’ll get with Colourgrip® is quite literally the best grip, most crush-resistant and longest-lasting high-friction anti-skid surfacing material available in New Zealand, making it the ‘Best Value’ investment your budget can buy, and that’s a promise!

4. Natural Buff Anti-Skid Bauxite - After
5. Bright Yellow Judder Bars
3. Bright Green Basalt 2
Natural Buff Anti-Skid 2
Bright Red Anti-Skid