Colourgrip®'s resin binder

Designed to very effectively bond calcined bauxite high-friction anti-skid aggregate, and others, to the road surface.

With all coloured surfacing systems, the most critical material component is the resin binder. In order to perform effectively, long term, this must be of excellent quality, especially with regard to its tensile strength, elasticity, and bond strength.  this is vital under all stresses, to both the surface it’s being applied to (such as concrete or asphalt) and to the aggregate chosen to partner it. Colourgrip®’s special polymer-enhanced resin binder provides an unrivalled combination of tensile strength, flexibility, and adhesion to all substrate types. This combination is critical if you’re looking for a workhorse of a high-friction anti-skid that’s going to perform for several years under constant pounding from road traffic, without wearing away – especially when you’ve only just recently paid the bill!

Colourgrip®’s resin binder has the NZTA-approved British Board of Agrément International Certification, imported exclusively from the U.K. with nearly 20 years’ continuous research & development investment behind it and is the preferred material in many councils throughout the U.K.

It has gained an enviable reputation for being a World-leader for its performance and reliability and has strong presence in many countries around the World such as Ireland, Spain, Italy, Poland, U.S.A. – even parts of the Middle East and South America!

With a Tensile Strength of 14N/mm³ and a minimum of 50% Elongation, Colourgrip®’s resin binder provides an unrivalled balance of in-situ strength and flexibility.

Having kept a close eye on the international resin binder market since 1995 we are confident to say no other resin binder on the international market can provide such superior test results for such critical technical performance properties.