Colourgrip® aggregates

Colourgrip® roading aggregates are exclusively imported from around the World.

Our manufacturing supplier partners have spent many years and significant investment into quality control, producing to stringent national specifications. The result is several major benefits over alternative international sources.

The selected calcined bauxites, granites, basalts and flints approved for use in Colourgrip® are all crushed to create a block-shaped grain as opposed to the commonly produced flake-like one which provides, in the case of calcined bauxite, a lesser degree of high friction and is far less resistant to abrasion from vehicle tyres. All our aggregates are then screened to a tried and tested industry-approved grading curve.

All this adds up to the ultimate aggregate material with world-leading properties for macro-texture, micro-texture, crushing resistance, polishing, abrasion and ultimately high skid-resistance.

Even when we have our aggregates colour-pigmented for bright visual effect, they also carry BBA certification for their resistance to UV colour-fading, scuffing, long term wear, exposure to diesel and even salt spray!

Each consignment is traceable by batch number and is supported by place of origin test results confirming its chemistry and grading, along with PSV and AAV test certificates – all under ISO 9001 quality control.

We ensure the underlying stone of Colourgrip® Colour-Coated Aggregates closely match the colour of the resin coating to further extend the final coloured surfacing’s colour life.

Additionally, we colour-pigment the resin binder to match as closely as possible the colour of the aggregate used (colour pigmented or naturally-occurring).

Our aggregates are available in 18 colours, in both Pedestrian Grade and Traffic Grade. Whether you’re looking for high-friction anti-skid or vivid colour demarcation for traffic calming, our highly experienced contracting team will provide you with an outstanding, brightly coloured, safety surfacing material that offers unrivalled traction under foot and tyres, for many years indeed.