Anti Slip Solutions for Driveways, Garages and Pathways

Beautiful decorative surfacing options to increase the value and saleability of your home......

If you’re a home owner looking either to address a slip issue you have around the house, or perhaps looking for ways to increase the value and saleability of your property for good return, then Colourgrip® is the answer. Being originally designed as an anti-skid surfacing on the highway network, helping trucks brake to a halt on a daily basis, with a design life of 5-10 years, Colourgrip® is an incredibly durable and long-lasting resin aggregate surfacing system.

Around the home it can seal any concrete, asphalt or timber surface and provide highly effective anti-slip on steep driveways or in garages. When used in conjunction with our stunning natural river pebble range from Otago rivers, you have a stunningly decorative side path or back patio which will be a lot gentler on your feet than typical exposed concrete finishes.

As a company who takes seriously its own obligation to provide accurate and beneficial advice to our roading engineers, we strongly believe, as we always have since the mid 1990s, that the key to ensuring Performance, Long Life and Value with any anti-slip or decorative surfacing ‘topping’ is to address and deliver on five key elements.

Since we pay very close attention to these four key elements, what you’ll get with Colourgrip® is quite literally the hardest wearing and longest-lasting anti-slip or decorative surfacing material available in New Zealand, making it the ‘Best Value’ investment your budget can buy, and that’s a promise!