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Ultimate Anti-Skid for Fork Hoists, and Anti-Slip for staff walkways etc.

If you’re a Manager responsible for the health and safety of your company’s staff, have slip and/or skid issues in your workplace, and looking for an effective, long term commercial flooring solution, then Colourgrip® is the answer. It is well known that slips are all too frequent in the workplace and can have huge financial repercussions for companies, not to mention the health risk to the employee.

Until recently, companies wanting to make their factories and warehouses safer by colour marking the floor to delineate boundaries and walkways, had only paint to choose from. If the application needed to be ‘longer lasting’ then sand was added to create so-called ‘anti-slip’ surfacing. It is now widely recognised that paint isn’t robust enough when applied on heavily trafficked workplace floors, especially when fork hoists are involved. Paint systems are typically only a  fraction of one millimetre in total thickness, and simply wears off in a matter of months! The application of these ‘industrial’ paints to concrete floors can make these floors even slippier than before, making matters worse! They’re a maintenance nightmare, with regular re-application necessary and therefore false economy.

The great news is Colourgrip Surfacing Ltd. recognises the need for something better – more effective and longer lasting industrial flooring, so we’ve brought our roading technology to the factories and warehouses. Our Colourgrip® Anti-Slip and Anti-Skid Surfacing System has been helping trucks brake to a halt, on roading networks around the World for years.

Durable Commercial Flooring

With a design life of 5-10 years on roads, Colourgrip® will give you those critical safe zones such as building entranceways to provide superb anti-skid traction for your fork hoists going in and out with those heavy loads, especially when it’s wet, and full width staff walkways in whichever bright colour you desire, providing fantastic traction underfoot, even if there are pools of water on it! Colourgrip® can also create ‘Keep Clear’ zones, designated parking spaces, on-site zebra crossings, judder bars, at fire exit doors, slippery ramps and steps, or even just lines!

As a company who takes seriously its own obligation as consultants to our roading engineers, we firmly believe that there are five critical components to ensuring Performance, Longevity and Value with high-friction anti-skid and coloured safety surfacing systems.

Since we live and breath these components, pay very close attention to these four key elements, what you’ll get with Colourgrip® is quite literally the best grip, the most crush-resistant, longest-lasting and BEST VALUE coloured safety surfacing material your budget dollars can buy, and that’s a promise!

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