Anti-Skid & Anti-Slip Solutions


You’ve just found the best website in the country if you have slipping or skidding issues.

Colourgrip Surfacing Ltd. is an Auckland-based company specialising in helping local councils, commercial enterprises, and home owners, nationwide, to install really effective high-friction anti-skid and anti-slip coloured surfacing to hazardous areas on the ground, especially when they’re wet. These areas compromise everyone’s safety, whether they’re on the roading network,in our factories and warehouses or simply around the home.

The Colourgrip® system comprises an incredibly durable polymer resin binder and various international aggregates, carefully selected to provide specific size grading, skid-resistance and colour, depending on the application needed.

Originally developed for use on motorways in Europe, Colourgrip® is far superior technology to so-called ‘anti-skid’ paints, and with a specification of handling 3,500 trucks braking on it daily, AND a design life of 5-10 years on roads, Colourgrip® is clearly the best value for your investment.

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Roading – Anti-Skid

We work closely with the state highways’ NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) and local council engineers to help reduce collisions, accidents and fatalities on our roads.

When placed in strategic locations such as motorway off-ramps, approaches to zebra crossings and along sharp bends, Colourgrip® provides such effective ‘anti-skid’ grip under tyres that all vehicles, big or small, are helped with their braking distances by up to one third! Being able to stop a second or two quicker can be the difference between life and death.

To handle such stresses every day for years, a high-friction anti-skid coloured surfacing’s resin binder component must have excellent technical specifications for strength (Tensile Strength N/mm³), flexibility (% Elongation At Break) and adhesion (Tensile Adhesion). These are critical for high performance, durability and longevity, especially on NZ’s flexible asphalt pavements.

Colourgrip® provides unrivalled technical properties and supporting lab test documentation, culminating in its resin binder becoming the first of its kind to gain BBA (British Board of Agrement) International Certification, and the whole system meeting all requirements of the NZTA’s P25 (High PSV) Calcined Bauxite Specification and P33 Coloured Safety Surfacing Specification.

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Industrial/Commercial – Fork Hoist Anti-Skid & Walkway Anti-Slip

Slips, trips and falls are fast becoming the most common, and costly workplace injuries. Consequently, in 2011 we decided to offer Colourgrip®’s roading technology to the factories and warehouses.

This move opened up huge opportunities for manufacturing and logistics companies. At last, the safety-conscious Manager now has an alternative to poor-performing paints used as coloured markings to delineate specific zones, such as staff walkways, ‘Keep Clear’ areas and fire exits.

Colourgrip® is a proper robust anti-skid road surfacing, specifically designed to dramatically enhance traction and therefore safety of fork hoists at warehouse entrances. When loading/unloading in wet weather, water is tracked inside and onto the smooth concrete creating dangerous slippery floors, potentially harming the driver, the fork hoist, pallet racking, stock and other colleagues. Also, drivers aware of the issue they have compensate by slowing right down, costing productivity and therefore money.

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For coloured ‘zoning’ Colourgrip® provides a highly effective, textured, anti-slip surfacing underfoot which will not break down. Perfect for staff walkways and ‘no go’ areas, especially when using our brightly-coloured aggregates, which also have international test certification, for colour-life under strong UV rays.

With Colourgrip®, you’ll dramatically reduce the risk of accidents and serious injuries in and around your workplace, and your slip and skid issues will be a thing of the past.




Residential/Decorative – Anti-Skid Driveways & Anti-Slip Paths etc.

Our special domestic range offers the homeowner the opportunity to totally transform their home, beautifying areas and therefore increasing your property’s value and saleability.

We achieve this by offering standard Colourgrip® technology using anti-slip aggregates or by applying stunning natural Otago and Southland river pebbles, rounded by natural erosion.

Colourgrip® in this decorative format provides a fantastic, modern alternative to commonplace alternatives such as tiles, timber, carpet and polished concrete.

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We can install Colourgrip® in any room in the house as well as to driveways, garage floors, patios, balconies and footpaths, turning those ugly algae-infested concrete surfaces into little pieces of Kiwiana!

For driveways, especially steep ones, we offer a proper roading anti-skid aggregate, topped with an additional clear sealer to completely protect your new surface from staining by oil dumped by your guests’ old banger when they come round for that BBQ! If this happens, simply hose off at your leisure and it’s good as new again!

With plenty of natural tones to choose from, fading under UV will never occur, and you’ll also have the added luxury of a massaging sensation underfoot!

Colourgrip® – A stunning decorative solution.